Each session includes:

  • Focus Meditation Verse that will guide you along in your weekly reset
  • Reflection questions to evaluate the past week, allowing you to get your ideas and emotions out
  • Vision prompts in seeking God's wisdom for next steps on your creative projects

"The Creatives Weekly Reset livestream and journaling template has helped me to have more structure and direction when it comes to consistency, reviewing my goals allowing me to review with God in prayer, and helps me to look at areas where I need to improve. I've been able to map out where I'm at and allows me to frame the next week with more structure in my creative workflows." - R. Jackson

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The Creatives Weekly Reset

Journaling Guide

In this interactive journaling guide, you are provided with a template to support consistency in documenting your journey including:

  • Evaluating ups and downs from the past week
  • Pinpointing areas where you need mindset shifts
  • Inventory of key learnings and revelations
  • Capturing your dreams and next actions

When we take the time to process our intentions, results and revelation from God, it helps us to propel our purpose.

Each week, the focus verse is sent out in the email along with the live link so you can join us, or view the replay.

Your only investment is your willingness for your personal self-discovery.

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